Chocolate Cupcakes


Photos by Emma


- butter 200g - sugar 150g - chocolate 200g - Flour 150g - Eggs 4pcs - Cream to whisk - 2 packs of mascarpone - lemon -vanilla or vanilla sugar



Step 1 Separate eggs into whites and yolks. Take a big bowl and put the egg whites in and mix them until they make a stiff texture( meringue)

Step 2 Put some water in a pot and on it a glass bowl and start boiling the water. Into the bowl you will put the chocolate, butter, sugar and eggs. You want all of it to melt- make sure the sugar is also melted to ensure best taste! Beware: you have to make sure the mix is not boiling, otherwise the egg yolks will create scrambled eggs! At this point you can taste the mix and see if you want to add sugar.


Step 3 Take the melted ingredients and put them in a big bowl, now add flour. Make sure to properly mix all of it together..


Step 4 Take the meringue and slowly add it to the mix. You want to make sure not to mix it too hard, otherwise the fluffiness of the meringue will disappear! After you have mixed all of this together you can fill up the cupcake trey!

Cream and decorating

Step 1 Whisk cream until it is thick. Then add vanilla sugar and lemon to give it a taste. Also add all the mascarpone and once again mix all of it together until it has

Step 2 Divide the cupcake cream into 3 bowls and in each of them you can add a different food color. As you can see I added blue, red and left one plaine.

Step 3 Decorating. There are so many different tools to use when decorating cupcakes. You should go to a store and pick the top that you like best!