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Some time ago I went to Stockholm. I had some work with my dad and his business partner for their beer Praga so I thought it would be nice to bring Tad along as neither he nor I have been there yet! It was such a lovely trip, we had some nice food at Público one of the nights, which is a really cool tapas place with a Mexican theme cuisine. We stayed at Hellsten hotel , which was good because it was very central and close to the metro. Unfortunatelly we were there only for 2 and a half days, so didn't get to see that much of the city( some of the time I also had to work).

I was pleasantly surprised because one of my friends form the Czech Republic lives in Stockholm now so we met up with him for some beers and an event for San Miguel. It is so nice seeing friends from back home, and also really rare! Sometimes it is a little sad to loose touch with high school friends!!

I am planing a trip to Stockholm again really soon so can't wait to explore the city some more and try some more cool restaurants and cafés! I have been overcoming my fear of flying lately so it is possible for me to travel some more.. Also the good thing about living in Copenhagen is that Stockholm is only a few hours aways with the train!!

Here are a few snaps from the city, it was so nice, but the weather wasn't the best for taking pictures, because it was raining a little so even the picture quality is a little misty haha.