New Jobs// How to prepare for an interview


Hey guys! So recently I got a new job at Danish Model United Nations! It is in addition to working for my dad at his beer company Praga. I have had some experience with interviews, both as being the one interviewed, being the interviwee and helping people prep. Eitherway, going into job interviews can be so stressful! So here are a few tips what to do before and at the interview so you kick ass! I recently helped my friend Jasmin prepare so I still remember quite well what we talked about and what she got asked!

  1. Research the company You really want to make sure you know exactly what they do, where they work, pretty much anything you can find out online is useful! In many job interviews they first ask: so do you know what we are about. And even though it is just a rhetorical question, it is better to know! And you don't want to be caught asking about something that is easily accessible online.
  2. Practice answers to possible questions There are so many websites with interview questions. You want to be sure that you can answer everything! From "tell us something about yourself" to " when did you have to deal with a problem at work and how did you resolve it". The website we used is HERE  and you can find all kinds of questions and best answers! And remember that even the easiest questions need prepping, there are many different ways one can present oneself.. and trust me, some are better!!
  3. Have questions prepared for the interviewers This is a point people may forget about, towards the end of the interview you ALWAYS get asked if you have any questions! And it is important to have something smart up your sleeve haha. It could be a good idea to ask about the way they work, what type of an environment they are a part of at the company. If they don't mention it themselves you can ask about how much independent/team work is expected of you. More HERE
  4. Rest well & Dress well I go by the rule that unless it is a corporate job I dress pretty casual! Just be yourself! But it really depends on what kind of an interview it is! HERE are some ideas!

So yeah these are the rules I would go by! Interviews can be stressful, but also kinda nice sometimes!!! Good luck in the future!!