Cats in apartments 101


As many of you know i have a cute kitty called Toastie. He is one and a half years old now and he is the cutest thing in the world. Since we live in an apartment in the centre of Copenhagen it is sometimes hard to manage with a cat. He is a half Norwegian forest cat so he is really active and loves to climb on stuff ( which is not that great in an apartment). But thankfully we have a courtyard where we can take him and he can run and climb trees so he is happy. But it took us a long time to figure out what he wants and what we need to do so he doesn't meow all the time haha.

Nonetheless we are managing very well and have been complemented on the fact that the apartment doesn't smell like cat. You know sometimes when you go visit someone and immediately you know they have an animal because the apartment is just a little dirty.. Well here are a few tips how to prevent that and happily co- survive with an animal.

  1. Cat proof your apartment Even though cats are generally quite careful when it comes to bumping into things, sometimes they just break stuff when trying to catch a fly or something. I try not to leave too many things outside, so that Toastie doesn't get too tempted. Also open windows are a nightmare. When Toastie was really small he climbed onto our window from outside and then fell from the 1st floor. Thankfully he fell into a bike basket( thank god for Copenhageners and their insane amount of bikes everywhere) and nothing happened to him.
  2. Watch your water Did you ever pick up your water glass after being in the room next door for a while and though " damn this smells like cat food"? Well it was probably because you dear feline friend had a sip out of it. Not only do cats try to stick their head into narrow glasses, they also figured out that sometimes it is not possible to reach so they stick their paws in and then lick them.
  3. Get a closed litter box It really helps with the smell. The one we have also has special filters on the sides so the smell from the litter box is minimal, usually it only smells when Toast is walking outside, because the door opens. It may come as a surprise, but some people don't know these types of litter boxes exist and have open ones! I would not be able to survive that, as I am super smell sensitive hehe.
  4. Light a lot of candles Yes, I constantly have at least one candle on when I am home. Thanks to this even the smallest possible smell goes away and the air smells really nice. My favorite candles are Yankee candles. I got maybe 5 or 6 really big ones that last 72hours from my mom! They are amazing!

So here you have a little guide to living with a cat. I hope it is a little helpful!!

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