Maden Italy


Hey guys! Yesterday was honestly one of the most fun and spontaneous days ever! I went to shoot with my awesome new  friend Barbora, who is an amazing photographer and (as one of many cool projects) takes care of the MadenItalyDK Instagram feed and her boyfriend Michal, who is also a really cool photographer! So I was invited to tag along, take some pictures and EAT pizza!!

During our photosession I found out her friend had a Great Gatsby themed party and their photographer fell throught so I ended up going to that party. It was seriously last minute.. at 4pm I found out I am working there and at 5:30 the party started haha. But OMG it was amazing. I ended up staying until like 2am and I also worked as a bartender making drinks and stuff which was insanely fun haha. So yeah that was my "chill" Saturday. Honestly feel like there are no chill days any more.. Today I am going to Louisiana with the girls to shoot some awesome pics! can't wait!!!

Anyway, here are some pictures of the AMAZING pizza! Seriously, so good.. I also got some pizza to take with me haha so I will be eating pizza now all the time... You can get this pizza at Copenhagen Street Food at Papirøen! Eva de Masi, who is the Italian baker behind this amazing gourmet pizza makes so many different types and flavors that there is always something new to taste!