This summer Simone and I went to Milan with my family. The two of us flew down and met my parents and brother there because they drove. Since I am freakishly scared of flying I got pretty drunk on the way from Copenhagen so it was a really nice start to the week haha. We spent the days eating, sightseeing and shopping. For two days we also had a trip to the World Expo, which was amazing. I am planing on going back soon to explore the city a little more, the problem this summer was that it was really really hot- like 40degrees hot.. So walking was a nightmare! Thankfully we lived right by the duommo which made it a lot easier.. but still!

We did find two amazing restaurants- Convivium and Dry. Convivium is a business restaurant, but the food is insanely good! I think we went there every day with my parents haha! I always got seafood spaghetti- my dish of choice, could eat it all the time. Dry on the other hand was more a bar, where they specialize in gin and pizza. And oh my! The Pizza there was one of the best I have ever tasted! If you are going to Milan make sure to stop there!!