Girls trip


Photo 3 borrowed from Barbora

Yesterday we had a little trip to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art with Barbora, Rose and Simone.  We met up in the city and drove up to the museum, with a stop along the way to take some pictures. We found a really nice location by the sea in Charlottenlund! It is a swimming place in the sea, and it has this really nice light green color! Afterwards we got in the car and drove up North haha-

When we got to the museum there was an insanely long line and it was pouring rain so we decided no to go inside, instead we went to Rungsted Harbor, where we had food at Sticks and Sushi and then took some more outfit pictures haha. The harbor was so pretty and the light was prefect... Barbora actually has an app on her phone which tells you when is the best light for photos! On the way back to Copenhagen the moon was insanely beautiful so we stopped and took more pictures! We ended up having a little party at my place haha. Awesome day

Today I am super excited because Tad and I are finally getting a new shower.. It was really about time, Copenhagen showers suck so an upgrade is very welcome haha. It is nice to get it all fixed now, since in two days Tad's mom is coming to visit us for a few days!

Enjoy the pictures and have a nice Monday!