WarPigs x Taller


Last night I went to WarPig's pop-up event where they featured an amazing Venezuelan restaurant Taller. I met up with the amazing Natalie before hand and we shot some pictures, which turned out awesome thanks to the lovely sun light! Lately I have started to only shoot on manual and oh my the pictures are just amazing. Most of the pictures I am sharing in this post aren't even edited!

Anyway, the event was at WarPigs, which is a craft beer place really close to my apartment in Kødbyen. I was told about it by my friend Alex, who works at Manfreds( another amazing restaurant) so with Natalie we met up with her and some of her co-workers. I really like WarPigs, it is a cool and chill place with good beer and nice food. Alex told me that these pop-up event are something happening quite often so I will for sure make it to the next one they have!

Here on the pictures are Arepa. Arepa is a typical Colombian or Venezuelan flatbread, which is made from  of ground maize dough or cooked flour. The three options being served were: - Smoked lamb & Taller famous guasacaca sauce - Reina pepiada (smoked chicken rillet with avocado and spring onion) - Black beans with soured spicy cream sauce

Visiting Taller is most deffinitelly on my to-do ( or maybe better to-eat) list haha! Today I am going to take some pictures with the Queen Bee to MossEat! Then visiting the girls in ImpressionPR! Wish you all an awesome day!