Kayla's Bikini Body Guide


Here are a few pictures we took some time ago with Simone. I loves the location, so clean... I think these are one of my favorite pictures... I love workout clothes and they look so good on Simone!

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 16.16.34

Anyway, lately I started working out based on Kayla's Bikini Body Guide. Do you guys know it? It is awesome! Kayla's Instagram is so inspirational, she posts success stories of girls who finished the 12 week guide and the results are amazing! I have been struggling with staying healthy and working out, so this guide really helps. She also has a nutrition guide, which is OK, but I don't think it is really worth the money!

The guide is planed out for 12 weeks with exercises for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Monday in the beginning you do legs, and it is fricking insane! The amount of times I walked home from the gym and barely moved my thighs haha! It is really intense. Then Wednesday is arms and abs day. Friday is a full body workout. The other days of the week you can choose to do LIT( low intensity training) or HIT( high intensity training). But i found it really nice that there was an exact schedule when to workout.

Another great thing is that Kayla prepared specific moves. There are two sets for each day. You do each of the sets twice, each taking 7min. So pretty much you do set 1 , which is 4 different exercises for 7 min non stop, then you have 30seconds pause, then you do the 2nd set the same way... and you do this twice! It is only 30 min in total but it is insane and really works quite well!