Moss Eat


The other day I went to MossEat with Barbora to take some pictures for Mad About Copenhagen. Moss Eat is a new little deli close to the lakes on Nørrebrogade. They have sandwiches, salads, fresh pressed juices and coffee. Pretty much they are inspired by Pret a Manger which is insanely awesome, because Pret is my favorite place in the world!!! What is cool about Moss Eat is that all their sandwiches are gluten free! Also the interior is just amazing!

Anyway, since I met Barbora last week, I have been hanging out with her pretty much every single day, weather it is for shooting, coffee or shopping we are having so much fun! Today is no exeption, first we are going to see the lovely Bettina and her new kickass designs and then we are going to the Zalando Blogger Awards! Can't wait!

During the day we will be sightseeing with Tad's mom and her friend who are visiting for a few days! I will make sure to take some awesome pics of Copenhagen!