Unbaked Cheesecake


Here is a recipe for one of my favorite deserts! As some of you know my boyfriend is a chef so he is really into food and introduced me to videos by Gordon Ramsay. So lately I have been really into baking! I will be posting a lot more recipes of deserts but also normal food ( maybe even something healthy haha). The inspiration for this desert is HERE.


Ingredients: - Butter Cookies 2 packs - Berries - Cream 0,5l - Mascarpone 2 packs - Lemon - Sugar 200g - Butter 150g - Vanilla Sugar - Food coloring ( I used blue, because of the blueberries but I have also made this desert with red and raspberries mixed with strawberries and it also looks nice) Step 1 Whisk cream until it is really thick, I personally prefer to make desserts without using gelatin so it is really important to have a thick foundation so the dessert doesn't melt. Then add mascarpone, vanilla sugar and lemon( you can add more of either depending on the taste you prefer) . You want to make sure all of it is properly mixed, so that there aren't any small pieces of mascarpone so my recommendation in to whisk all of it, when it is together, for maybe 60seconds on high speed.

Step 2 Take the butter cookies and beat them so they are smooth and they aren't big pieces of them. If you don't have a table mixer then you can use pretty much anything else from the kitchen haha! I have a mojito mixer that I use to crush cookies!

Step 3 Heat a pan with butter and then put sugar in it, to create caramel. Leave it still until the sugar starts melting and caramelizing, then throw in the cookie crumble. Make sure to properly mix everything together.

Step 4 Serving: Here I created two option, the first one in the glass is a little bigger and can be served after dinner. The second option is nice for parties when you need to host a lot of people so it is nice to have small portions in smaller cups. My cups I used are from Miss Etoille . When the caramel crumble is cold you can put a little in a cup and top it with the mascarpone cream mix!