Copenhagen Snaps


I love Copenhagen! Ever since I moved here in August 2013 I have been falling in love with the city more and more. What I really like is that even though Copenhagen is a capital city, it isn't as huge as for example London or Paris but still has all the cool features of a big city. In Copenhagen there are sooo many nice cafe's and restaurants and they are pretty much on every corner. I also love all the cool street food places, there are some like Papirøen that are open every week and then some pop-ups in different places during the weekends. In the next few weeks I want to start making a little guide for you guys to know what places are worth visiting in CPH.

Today Copenhagen is not as nice, it is raining and cold. But that is balanced off by the fact that today is Jday, which is a "Danish" Holiday haha. Or kinda a holiday. It is the day that the christmas beer is released and it is a tradition to go out. Every year we have a huge party to celebrate it. Unfortunately this year most of my friends are on exchange, so there is only a few people going out tonight. But still... it is a nice tradition and always a fun night!

Also I am going to take some pictures with the lovely Natalie at the State Museum of Art, where we had the Zalando blogger awards last week. It is such a beautiful location. I have only been there once during the day to see the art, but I think i need to go back soon! Anyway, here are a few snaps i took while walking around Copenhagen!