On October 31st Tad and I got a new little kitty. She is extremely cute and also doesn't have a tale( she lost it when she was really small). Since we already have one cat, Toastie, we were a little afraid what would happen when we introduced the little one. In a lot of places people write how their cats don't get along so I was a little nervous about what would happen. The first night was a nightmare, we left Minii in the kitchen so that Toastie didn't feel threatened by her getting into his territory.  Toastie was NOT happy about this. He kept on sitting in front of the kitchen just staring at the door and he was hissing like crazy! Tad and I were freaking out!! Toastie is after all a pretty big cat, and we didn't want him to hurt her.

The next day we let Minii out of the kitchen to explore the apartment. However before we did that we gave Toastie the duvet that Minii was sleeping on, so that he would get used to her smell. I think it was a really good idea, because Toastie reacted to her a lot better after that. When they met on the hallway there was some hissing, but I think Toastie evaluated the situation very quickly and figured out that the little fluff ball Minii is not really a threat so he was trying to be her friend, and walked behind her all the time. Poor little Minii, was freaked out because of how big Toastie is and kept on hissing and attacking him. Needless to say, we were pretty scared they wouldn't get along.

We did a lot of research about how to introduce a second cat, about cat behavior and stuff like that. Also we were speaking to one of our friends who knows cats really well and just recently also got a second cat, so he kinda knew what we were going through and explained that it is all good and he said that the cats would become good friends. And he was right. By the end of the second day the two were lying together on the bed.

During the past week Toastie has been such a good brother. I was so surprised to see how their relationship has evolved. Toastie keeps on watching Minnii, making sure she is ok. One time Minii lost her ball under the TV table, and couldn't reach it, so Toastie tried to get it out. He also opened the toilet for her, when she didn't know how to. The two are so cute together and I am so happy we made a decision to get a second cat.