Monday Hygge


Last evening I spent with my friend Rose. I haven't seen her in some time, because we were both so busy so it was super nice catching up. We planned to meet up at Lêlê Street Kitchen, which is a food chain, with many different lcoations all over Copenhagen. Some are a more take-out style, where others are really nice restaurants. With Rose we wanted to go to one of the take-out places, where they also have tables so we could sit there, but we didn't get a place to sit because the place was totally packed. Thankfully my apartment is really close to this place so we just took the food with us to mine.

I have never had food from Lêlê prior to this, but have heard a lot of nice stuff about it so I was super excited to finally have a chance to check it out. We each got one meal for ourselves and then we shared spring rolls with tofu. I went for menu G1, which was a spicy beef salad with rice. Rose, being a vegetarian/vegan got some yummy veggies. I must say my salad was sooo good! I think i will start going there really often now haha( damn, why do I have to live so close to it?). But yeah, the salad was heaven! Reminded me of the food I used to eat when I lived in the States.. I can almost say it got me feeling nostalgic?

We enjoyed a really nice and chill evening. In danish the name is "Hygge", which danish people say doesn't have a translation to any other language, so I wont try to explain more haha. Anyway, it was very hyggelig seeing Rose again. I haven't seen her for maybe two weeks now. It was a really nice way to catch up on work and life! We also had a little fun looking at failed plastic surgery procedures.. Some of them were really crazy hahahaha. Rose also got to meet my kitty Minii, who she really liked and thought is extremely cute.

I love having nice dinners and evenings like these. Yesterday though I was extra excited, because I refurbished my living room, or maybe more just moved the furniture around. I was watching a movie and suddenly it hit me, I was like- I need to do something about the apartment. Well, I did and it looks awesome. I would love to post some pictures, but the problem is that now in Copenhagen it is so dark all the time so it is hard to take nice pictues. Even the pictures from last night are not as high quality as I have hoped for. And the fact that Danish people don't really like much light in their apartment makes photography during winter extremely hard haha.