November So Far

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November has been really good so far. Tad and I got a new cat, Minii. That has made the atmosphere in the apartment a lot cozier haha. I spend a lot of time cuddling with my two cats now. The weather has been ok and all is good. Lately I have been taking sooo many pictures with different people, that I decided it is time to upgrade my camera. My parents were so nice to sponsor this decision, which I am insanely grateful for! It is really nice knowing they believe in me and think it is worth it helping me out. I am going to get the camera today, so I will write a post about it soon.

I started going to ImpressionPR to help out with pictures and some photoshop once a week on Tuesdays. It is so nice being in the office with Christina and Terese. This week I was working with Sanna, who was making goodie bags for magazines. For me it is really nice to get experience with shooting products, rather then people! So I am super excited to be at ImpressionPR. I love their office! It is so nice and white and located right in the city centre so easy to access everything.

This week Tad and I had "date-night" at TGI FRIDAY'S. Haha sounds romantic right- burgers... TGIF's  just opened in Copenhagen this year- and I couldn't be more excited. I honestly love burgers.. And the food is so good there! I always have the Jack Daniel's burger and Tad tries something different every time.. We also got a starter: crispy sesame chicken, which was epic. So yeah, really nice night! After this we went home and watched Home Alone. I love christmas, so I start watching Christmas movies right after Halloween and don't stop until after new years. I don't even want to say how many times before Christmas I see Love Actually haha.

Last night I met up for wine with Simone and Bee. We went to Cafe Europa 1989. I really like the place, it is in the city centre and it has a nice chill atmosphere. Simone had to leave a little early to go to her Aunt's because it was Morten's day( Danish holiday during which families have festive dinners together). With Bee we ended up going to my place so that she could see my kittens. Bee is insanely allergic to them, but wants to cuddle them all the time haha. It is funny.

So yeah, so far November has been good. I can't wait to get my new camera today- and also I booked tickets to see my best friend in London in a little over a week! So it seems like November is going to get even better!!

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