Friday the 13th


I am not a very superstitious person, however after the recent Paris attacks I was a little inclined to believe that Friday the 13th is not a good day. So I decided to make the next one a little nicer by going to the lovely Christmas markets at Højbro Plads. I went with Bee and her boyfriend Michal and Tad joined us a little later, because he had to be at work until late. It was such a lovely evening, however I still had the horrible events from Paris on my mind. I love Paris, I always enjoyed my visits there. It is such a horrible thing to happen.

I was extremely sad about people criticizing that the Beirut attacks didn't get as much attention. Whenever I hear about some attacks I feel upset and don't understand why these things happen, weather it is the USA, Middle East or Europe, it is always such a tragic thing. For me personally I get more ( maybe more is not the best word in this situation) affected by attacks that happen in Europe, because I have visited the city and have friends there. I feel extremely sad about what is happening in other parts of the world, but for me it is harder to understand because I don't know the culture or places where it is happening. To conclude I don't think that one human is worth more then another. I believe in total equality. I just think that anyone who is voicing their support for Paris doesn't have to be bashed because they didn't do the same for other parts of the world.

I realize that this topic is controversial and in no way want to take sides and say that people in Europe are more important then others. I feel deeply sorry for everyone who has lost someone in all of these horrific events, wherever they happened. All of this loss is just unnecessary.  I hope there will be no more tragic events like these. To lighten this very sad topic a little I want to share the lovely pictures from the Christmas market, just because I love Christmas! Stay safe everyone.