Survival of the Fittest


We have been living with two cats for three weeks now. It has definitely been a lot of fun but also a little sleep depriving. Toastie has become a totally new cat, he is really nice to Minii, but he doesn't seek mine and Tad's attention that much anymore- which is a little sad. But we actually got a second cat because of Toastie, because he couldn't stand when Tad and I left. The vet told us that he is too attached to us and that is why he gets so upset whenever we travel. So now he is really happy with his little tailless friend haha.

So three weeks into having two cats I have gotten used to it by now. I know how to act around them when they are together. Things like always petting both at once, giving them treats at the same time etc. Sometimes at night (or like 4am) the two start chasing each other around the house and playing so I make sure I clean everything that could fall before going to sleep. I guess it isn't a bad thing, because I have a spot clean apartment all the time haha.

I also decided to redecorate the living room so that the cats have more places to sleep. I had my couch under the window, but now I put it by the wall and Minii sleeps on top of it. It is so funny to see the cats laying down in various positions in places I would never think of. Yesterday We got take-out from LΓͺlΓͺ and Toastie took over the bag and sat it in. Yeah, so overall it has been good with two cats. I can totally recommend having two, it makes the work for me a lot easier. And here are some pictures of our little feline friends.