Autumn Fun


In the past few weeks I have done more work then I have in my entire life haha. Or at least it feels like it! I am so busy all the time now, shooting photos( and finding locations), editing them, working, doing school stuff and with all that having a life. I am so excited for Monday, when I will be going to London to visit my best friend Elizabeth, who has been living there now for a few months. She moved there this September to start attending the Royal Academy of Music with her main focus being violin. So I honestly can't wait to get off the plane at Gatwick and enjoy a few days of doing.. well.. nothing!

On Saturday we are having a little Christmas party at Rose's place with Simone, Bee and Emilie. We will prepare a nice dinner and play danish christmas games! And of course drink a lot of wine!! I feel like I have been very social lately. I am attending events and meeting so many new people! Also hanging out with Bee all the time. I met up with Ilirida some time ago and we took a lot of outfit pictures! She is so cool on photos! You have to check her amazing blog!

Poledních pár týdnu jsem neskutečně vytížená! Pořád běhám po nějakých akcích, foceních, pracuju, a musím psát věci do školy! O víkendu máme s holkama vánoční večírek, takže na ten se ještě těším, ale v pondělí se už nemůžu dočkat, až budu v klidu s Eliz v Londýně! Jen co přistanu na Gatwicku, vypínám mobil a přestávám odpovídat na emaily haha.

This week I was also working on a little project for Sandra. Bee and I were making a video at the Beauty Academy- Emilie is so nice to let us use her office space!! So yeah, this is just a little mix of all the cool pictures I got lately! Also food wise- Tad and I made the most delicious home-made pizza with mushrooms, pepperoni, red onion and mozzarella!  I love home-made pizza, because I think it tastes so much better then the ones I can buy on the street haha. It is probably also healthier.

Last night I ordered some sushi from CC-Sushi, which is a cool sushi place in Nørrebro we sometimes go to with my friends! They have this deal that for 170DKK you can eat unlimited sushi, and it is good sushi! Not the weird running sushi, that is all dry... And for take-away they have some really sweet deals, which make it almost profitable eating sushi! So yeah- Copenhagens, if you are low on cash and can't afford Sticks n' Sushi or Sushi Lovers this is the place to go hahaha!

Tento týden jsem natáčela s Bárou video pro Sandru, docela se těším jak to bude vypadat! Ještě jsem nikdy nenatáčela něco takhle důležitého. Většinou jen fotím. Taky sdílím pár fotek co jsem nedávno fotila s Iliridou . Včera večer jsem si s Tadeášem objednala sushi a taky jsme si před pár dny udělali domácí pizzu! V podstatě je tu mix všeho možného!