(photo)Shooting People


I had a fun day with Sandra Willer yesterday. We met up to talk about cameras, because she got a new one and wanted to buy a new lens so I was giving her some advice and tips. We were in a cafe speaking about "shooting people" and how you need a "clear shot" - clearly in only photographic terms haha. Then this guy who was sitting next too us was like " girls, I am also in the business so I know what you are talking about, but you shouldn't say this at an airport" haha it was so hilarious! Then I realized that it actually does sound really funny to say that we should go shoot something some time haha.

After the coffee we went to Magstræde to take these pictures! I think they turned out pretty cool! I loved Sandra's casual outfit paired with the Givenchy Antigona bag. Sandra also tried to take pictures of me to test her new lens and to try out all the different combinations of the manual setting on a camera.

We also got burgers at Bistro Royal on Kongens Nyrotv. I kid you not, the burgers and fries were one of the best I have had in Copenhagen, which reminds me that I should make a burger guide ( because I am obsessed with burgers, its not even funny how much I love them) to tell you all my favorite locations to get them! It was a really nice day! Hope you like the pics! I can say it was a lot of fun "shooting" Sandra haha.

Tady je par fotek co mam ze včerejčka stráveného se Sandrou. Pomáhala jsem jí s nákupem nového objektivu a taky jsem jí trošku radila s nastavením foťáku. Byl to moc příjemný den! Zakončily jsme ho večeří v Birstro Royal v centru Kodaně, kde jsme si obě daly hamburger! Musím říct, že to byl jeden z nejlepších burgerů co jsem kdy měla. Dneska máme vánoční večeri s Rose, Bee, Simone a Emilii, takže budu celý den pryč- budu vařit a fotit! Taky musim pracovat na seminárce do školy! Ugh.. potřebovala bych každý den o dvě hodiny navic!