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I can't believe tomorrow is alredy the first of December!!! My apartment is full of christmas decorations now. I feel like this year has gone by so fast. Soon it is 2016!! I am so happy that I am going home to the Czech Republic for Christmas. My mom will be celebrating her 50th birthday so we will go to her uncle's hotel in the countryside for a big family party! I can't wait! But that is still really far away! First I need to survive 3 more weeks in Copenhagen, with all the work and school I need to finish before Dec 20th when I am flying to Prague with Bee and her boyfriend! Today I had a big cleaning day so I decided to take a few photos of my apartment. It looks like Christmas threw up all over the place. There are some pictures from my living room, the bathroom and the bedroom. In my bathroom I just got a new gift from Rose from Hotel Chocolat. It smells soooo nice! I love their products they would make great christmas gifts!

At the moment most of our stuff is from IKEA. I sometimes go and buy things from Bahne or IdeMøbler but those are usually small home details. Next summer Tad and I will be redecorating the whole apartment so I plan on buying a little more exclusive pieces for the apartment. I feel like now I know what I want in my home better then when I just moved here and needed to get everything asap so I think putting a little more money into it is more acceptable. The redecoration will be after I am done with my bachelor degree. Wow.. I can't believe I am half way done with my whole education!!

Nemůžu uvěřit, že zítra už začíná prosinec! A nový rok je za rohem! Musím se přiznat, že na 2016 se strašně těším, doufám že to bude lepší rok než 2015! Teď mám poslední tři týdny v Kodani a pak letím s Bárou a Michalem do Prahy zkouknout vánoční trhy. Mezi svátky bude mamka slavit 5Otiny. Pojedeme k pra-stýdovi do Hotelu co má na jihu čech u Rožmberka. Moc se na to těším, bude tam celá rodina a uvidím všechny sestřenice a bratrance! Dneska jsem celý den uklízela, tak jsem si řekla že vyfotím pár fotek bytu. Jsou tu fotky z obýváku, pokoje a koupelny!