Life with Cats Unfiltered


What aren't your friends telling you about living with cats? Haha, trust me- there is a lot! Of course cats are cute and cuddly and sweet! But once you commit to having a cat your life changes 100%. Don't take me wrong- I wouldn't change having two cats for the world! However here are a few things to keep in mind haha.

- You are constatnly afraid for your TV. - You can't leave anything outside- cleaning level 100 activated the moment the cat moves in. - The cat will drink water from every place imaginable, but the bowl . - For some reason cats decide it is a good idea to run around at 4:30 am and jump on your face. - Toiler paper is one of the most exciting toys.. It never ends. - Say goodbye to having things on the kitchen counter, they will get eaten or broken. - The feeling of changing sheets and having a cat who just dipped their paw in sh*t run all over it. - Hairballs. - Cats will fall asleep in the weirdest places, even if you buy them a really nice cat home haha. - You never really know what the cat is thinking while deeply staring into your eyes. - Loud meowing to inform their humans about going to the bathroom is quite regular. - Cats love playing with your shoelace when you are in a hurry to leave. - You never really know if they are playing or trying to kill each other. - If there is a plastic or paper bag on the floor within minutes it is peed on or occupied.


- They always welcome you when you get home. - Waking up in the morning to two little cute faces staring at you is priceless. -  The sound of the little creature purring is the nicest sound ever! - They just make you sooo happy!!!

Cats are of course hard to maintain! But I love my two cats and am so happy to have them! And yeah, sometimes it is tough, but it is worth it! I think having any pet is great! Having Minii and Toastie really taught me responsibility!