Re-Decorating Plans


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 In a few months Tad and I will finally live alone without a roommate! Not that I don't enjoy the company of my friend living with me, but I feel it is about time for Tad's and mine relationship to take that step. I consider myself quite lucky because I am 22 and already own an amazing apartment in the centre of Copenhagen. It is not as common to live in apartments or own apartments when you are at UNI in the Czech Republic. But I guess Denmark is different, also because there is not enough accommodation for all the students. So eventually people end up buying places so that they have a place to live haha.

Anyway, currently we have a 3 room apartment, but we really have a two room apartment. The living room and dinning room are connected by a big glass door, which is currently closed and a wall was built around it. So the "dinning room" is now where my roommate is staying. I can't even express how excited I am about having the whole place to ourselves! Tad and I have been planing it for about 6 months now!  I have a quite comprehensive plan as to what I want to do with the place. First thing is first, we need to paint all the walls AGAIN and get rid of most of the furniture!

I feel like after living in this apartment for 2 an a half years now I know what I want to do about it, when i moved in it was pretty much like: let's go to IKEA and just get everything we need, without really measuring, or thinking about the overall picture. Also after 3 years in Denmark I have a better idea of what way I want to decorate it. Also visiting all of my friends apartments I got a sense of what I like! So yeah, next summer will be super exciting! Here are a few things I picked up at, which I hope to get next year!