A Day In The Country


I actually kid you not. This is what the sky looked like yesterday. I was driving and I was like " ehm... yeah I am stopping for this haha". I mean it wasn't really nice driving in orange and pink light, since I wear glasses and it made me see worse, but oh my it was so beautiful! We were driving to my grandma's brother, who owns a hotel out in the country to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday. She has her real birthday on the 9th of January, but I will be in Copenhagen by then and my cousins are also traveling so we decided to do the party during the holidays so that everyone is here! We had so much food and drinks! And we danced until really late! Oh and I had my Christmas party sweater haha! I got two in London- one for me and one for Tad, but Tad forgot to wear his to the party!

Today I am getting a massage, because my body is broken! Like my back and shoulders are slowly turning into stone or something, it is just so painful! Tomorrow we have a really exciting trip planed where we walk up a hill not far from my city and have lunch there, it is kinda a Christmas tradition a lot of people do! So more pics of the country coming soon haha! This morning there was some really nice frost- it isn't snow, but at least the ground was white!!! i actually really miss living outside of the city! For example the sky is so beautiful when you can see in the distance!

Tak takhle včera vypadalo nebe! Je to naprosto šílený, že se dokáže MODRÁ obloha takhle krásně zbarvit. Zrovna jsem řídila a normálně jsem musela zastavit a vyfotit to, protože to bylo taaaaaak krásný!!! Jeli jsme zrovna k pra- strýci do hotelu, kde jsme slavili mamky 50tiny. Sešla se celá rodina, hodně se jedlo, pilo a tančilo! Moc krásný večer. Hotel ve kterém jsme byli se nachází nedaleko Rožumberka, takže okolní krajina je naprosto dechberoucí! Ráno byla malinko námraza, tak to vypadalo skoro jako kdyby byla tráva pokrýtá malinko sněhem! Dneska jdu na masáž a zítra jdeme na kleť! Vánoční prázdniny zatím super!!!