Interview: @madaboutcopenhagen

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I am super excited to share this interview I did with Hazel, who is the amazing person behind Copenhagen's favorite food Instagram @madaboutcopenhagen. Hazel moved to CPH 2 years ago and is now 21 years old- which is really impressive, since she has accomplished so much!  The instagram is my favorite in the world! I love all the yummy food pics and always want to try new places because I get so inspired! You should also make sure to check out and look at the curated guides. Well anyway- enough said on my part! Here is what Hazel had to share:

1) How Long have you been taking food pictures?"Since I was 17 I guess. I published my own recipe book, and took all the photos myself, so it was then that I "self-studied" food photography for the first time. Learnt a lot of weird facts like how some food photographers use engine oil to make food "glisten" in a certain way."

2) How did you come up with the idea of @madaboutcopenhagen?"I started @madaboutcopenhagen in September 2014, because it didn’t already exist, and I needed it. I wanted tasteful recommendations and inspiration for where to eat in my surrogate city, and not just those that pop up at the top of TripAdvisor or Yelp, but the local favourites, the new places, anything a little bit different."

3) How do you choose what to take pictures of?"I don't, I just take pictures of everything!"

4) What is most important while taking pictures?"Natural light. That's why winter sucks because optimal food photography hours are limited to 3 hours a day!"

5) What should people keep in mind when making a nice food composition? "I'm not the best person to ask. I dislike the really staged setups, like those *yawn* photos shot from a perfect birdseye of a table with really unrealistic placements of random sprigs of thyme, and a classic hand cupped around a bowl or something. Capture real moments, they are the most beautiful. If you're really keen on the food, go for close-ups, the detail of a perfect cake crumb is far more mouth-watering than a perfect plate arrangement!"

 6) What lens do you use? Do you also use your phone?"I have an old Nikon D3000, with a 35mm lens that I use when I have it with me. Otherwise, iPhone 6."

 7) What are your top 3 favorite pictures from @madaboutcopenhagen"It's hard to choose, I have so many favourites! So here are 3 of my favourite ones...."


"This one is when we wrote a story about Stedsans, it's a portrait of Mette Helbak walking in her rooftop garden, taken by my good friend Dovydas!"


"This photo by @thfcoffee perfectly captures the atmosphere of coffee heaven, The Coffee Collective on Godthåbsvej."


"One taken by yours truly, at super-out-of-town Baglokalet. My friend Frederikke introduced me to this place, so we were "two girls, to dogs" in this instance!"

9) Do you cook often or rather go out?"I used to do nothing but cook. Now I'm living in a small apartment with a busy shared kitchen, and I tend to eat most of my meals at work, at friends' places, or out in the town. I miss the cooking though!"

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