Roadtrip To Linz


The good thing about living in České Budějovice is that it only takes an hour and half to get to Linz, Austria. My parents go there really often to shop and hang out. I needed a warm winter jacket so we decided to take a little trip before I leave tomorrow. I found the coolest jacket in Hugo Boss, it is so warm and comfy! I am so happy about it. I also got a new coat from Hugo Boss, just a classic black one. My dad was really excited because it didn't take too long to shop haha. He is a typical man, who hates waiting in stores but I think he likes to go with me because I am really fast when deciding. My mom actually got the same jacket as me, because it was just so nice. We also went grocery shopping, because the food is better and surprisingly cheaper(sometimes) then in the Czech Republic. Oh and by the way I have been wishing for snow ever since I got here two weeks ago and of course it starts snowing the day before I leave haha.

Today is my last day in the Czech Republic so I will go say bye to my best friends Elizabeth and Suze tonight and I am off tomorrow! I will be going to Barcelona on the 10th so I only have a few days in Copenhagen. I am really excited to see my two loves Toastie and Minii. When I get back from Barcelona I will start working on my bachelor project! Wow, can't believe I have been living in Copenhagen for nearly 3 years already!