Back In Copenhagen


I am back in CPH for a few days! Have to finish some stuff for school and I am off to Barcelona and Seville on Sunday! So excited to travel again! I am going to visit my friend Ida, who is on exchange there now. I will be traveling with Nima, so my fear of flying hopefully won't kick in too much! In the past few days I have been writing my last two projects for school and I am so uninspired haha. I just have to pull thru so I can be finished with it finally! I don't want to stress about school work when I am in Spain! I really hope that all the snow will be gone by Sunday! It would suck to be snowed in and have our flight delayed- like what happened when we were coming to Copenhagen from Prague. The airplane was delayed by nearly two hours and we had to sit in it the whole time! I was so scared that we wouldn't fly that night.

Since I have been back i was taking pictures with Elena yesterday, we took some at the National Gallery and they turned out pretty good! I also met with Sofie today and we were taking pictures of her apartment. It was my first interior shoot so I am a bit nervous how they will turn up. Like I hope the photos will be straight and that kind of stuff. Anyway, it is nice to be home, have my cats sleep on me again, have a little alone time! And in two days Barcelona!!