Matcha Bar by


So I found out I live 50m away from this place! Now that is either really good or really bad! The good thing is that I can go there all the time and have the B.E.S.T. matcha in Copenhagen, bad because I will leave all my money there haha! Once again we had a little meet up with Rose I wanted to see her before I left to Barcelona. Ever since I met her I have found so many cool new places- since she is half vegan she has a totally different type of places she goes to!

Yesterday we went to the Matcha Bar in Vesterbro. I knew of matcha before but I never made it at home or anything! It was more just something I would have when I went out. But I think that is going to change. I got a matcha vanilla latte and it was so good! Rose got matcha glΓΈgg and we shared a matcha cookie! One of the things I like about the Matcha Bar is the amazing interior! The whole place is white with small details and a wall covered with cactuses.

What is matcha?  Well, it is a green powder that you mix with a liquid. It has a funny color tho! For some reason it reminds me of frogs :D! But what it really is: it is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. You usually mix a teaspoon of matcha with a third of a cup of hot water, which you then whisk with a bamboo brush. It offers a lot of health benefits, besides having a lot of vitamins and minerals it is rich on antioxidants that enhance bloog sugar regulation, blood pressure and anti-aging. Matcha also contains caffeine, but since it is natural it is supposed to create a "alert calm" rather then get you all hyped up.

If you have never tried matcha you really should! If you are in Denmark make sure to check out (it is a shortcut for Be Your Own Hero). Their products are of the highest quality and if you stop by the Matcha Bar the founder of Byoh - Michael will explain to you everything you need to know! Have a nice Sunday and drink matcha!!