Barcelona 120116


Woa! What a day, had so much fun with Ida and Nima. After arriving in Barcelona yesterday afternoon we re-grouped today and started our adventures slightly late at 12 haha. We went to get some food which we subsequently ate at Park Güell with a beautiful view of the whole city. It was a little sad to find out that the park is now paid for- when I was here a few years ago we went for free- it "only" costs 7 Euro, but i mean it is a little upsetting! So we decided not to go inside since we have already been there, but we could still see most of it from the sides so it was fine. Thankfully the part you have to pay for is only a small part of the whole park, so you can do a lot more there and walk around and chill, but the main "exhibition" of the beautiful mosaic buildings is no longer for free. One thing to see in the park is on top of one of the hills, there is a small tower from rocks that you can climb up and the view is breathtaking! Unfortunately today it was really windy so we don't look very attractive with the wind in our hair.

After leaving the park we took the bus into the city and walked down la Rambla ( one of the main streets in Barcelona) and we arrived at the harbor, where we took some cool sunset pictures(coming soon- I honestly have so many good pics and not enough space to post them! i would have to do like 3 posts a day or just 1 with 50 pictures haha). I must say I was awed by the city! There is so much cool art everywhere! I was so inspired. This is also the reason why the photos in this post are edited a little differently than usually! But we just felt so artsy haha- so much cool graffiti everywhere and stuff like that. We ended the day with dinner at this cool pasta place- which I will write about soon, and drinks at a bar in the city( no idea what it was called). I was also teaching the girls how to take pictures and we were trying out all of these fun things with long shutter speed- thus the funny light pictures. I honestly can't wait for tomorrow, but now it is almost 1am now and I am so ready to sleep! Talk soon xx