Trouble In Paradise


Having two cats is full of surprises. On the last episode of WTF is happening we brought Minii from the vet on Tuesday after she had surgery- she got fixed so she can't get kittens. We were told that it is more important to get female cats fixed because they could get depressed if they don't reproduce. So we didn't second guess it and made an appointment when Minii was aprox 2kg ( thats when you should do it- not when they are smaller). However what we didn't realize is that the hormones of the cat have changed after the surgery + smelling like a vet = Toastie does not recognize who she is . So when we brought her home Toastie started hissing and scratching her, because he had no idea who the new imposter is, or why the cat has a funky looking red outfit.

It was so sad to see Toastie being mean to her and Minii just not understanding what is happening! Now that it has been a few days it has gotten a bit better, but it still isn't ideal. Minii was missing cuddling with Toastie so much that she got attached to me or Tad and constantly needs attention and it is getting a little too intense haha- seriously need things to get back to normal! At least before school starts in a week! So if any of you are getting one of your cats fixed or just taking them to the vet- read up on how to prevent aggression between your two cats after that!