Hola everyone! Sorry I have been inactive, but we had a little incident where someone robed our apartment so we are short on electronics atm. Need to figure stuff out and will be up and going soon! Will definitely write a post for foreigners in Denmark about what to do when something like this happens- we learned a lot in the past few days. Anyway, we are staying positive and slowly recovering from everything. Minii is getting her stitches taken out on Friday and her and Toastie love each other again! School starts on Monday and I couldn't be more excited! Hope everyone is good!

I always tried to be open minded and nice to people, however this incident hit me so hard- I mean someone went into my apartment and went thru all my stuff and took half of it. The feeling is not nice. I think I will really reconsider my attitude towards people, because I don't know how someone knew we aren't home on a Saturday afternoon. Feels really strange. Oh but on the brighter side my best friend was accepted as a flight attendant for Emirates! they chose 2 girls out of 100! And she is one of them! yay!!!

Keep safe guys! xx