Back At It


Back at it!! Finally things are getting back to normal. After being robbed a week ago needless to say that we didn't have much sleep. It is one of the worse feelings I have ever experienced. But now we are all doing a lot better, we got extra locks and took other precautions. Anyway, today Bee and I are going to take pictures at the Bloggers Delight 5year anniversary gala. I am so happy to be working with her again! It has been a very busy start of the year so it is nice being back to normal!

These pictures are taken on Saturday when we were shooting with Rose, actually kinda amusing because when I was taking these some bad people were stealing all our stuff... But enough of that! I am super excited to share pics from Rose's apartment on the blog- she has the nicest place and she finally finished all the decorating she was planing. Rose got some really nice posters- my favourite of course being Prada from Gossip Girl haha. Have to start getting ready now! Cheers!!