Cafe Tænk


Enjoyed an awesome Saturday! In the morning I went to an event with Elena and had coffee in a small coffee store in Vesterbro with her after. After that I met up with Tad and we went to get this awesome brunch at Café Tænk. I love the area between Vesterbro and Frederiksberg around Gammel Kongevej! There are so many cool cafés and shops that just make me want to buy everything and redecorate my apartment 10 times. Cafe Tænk is also one of those places where you can choose exactly what you want on your plate- love it. I sometimes went to Mad og Kaffee with Tad, but lately it woud be so full there that you have to wait for maybe 30 min to even be seated! So we stopped going there and it is nice to know that this place is not as full but has really really good food as well! After that we went to Samsøe Samsøe and got some new clothes, also got a new plant! Finally I have some pictures so I can start posting on the blog again! yay!

The past week has been quite interesting. I started going to school again and it is tough! On Monday I was at school for 11hours haha! Not ideal. But we are finally well on our way with the bachelor project so it is nice to be on top of that I guess. So far this semester seems to be interesting so let's see how it develops. And I finally got my grades from the last exams I did and it ended really well so I am sooo happy to be done now! Can't wait to go to Paris soon!!!