At The End Of The Day


After coming home after work or school, usually pretty exhausted there are a lot of things on your mind and sometimes it is hard to relax and fall asleep! Since I started school last week I have had a lot of distractions and I constantly feel like there are way too many things to think about, so when I am laying in bed I just have thoughts constantly spinning! So here are a few things to do when getting home to help you rewind and properly relax!

#1 Eat good Food

We all know how easy it is to come home, make some fast variation of whatever and just eat bad stuff. I find that after a long day, cooking something is actually really relaxing! Making a nice soup or salad is totally worth it! Lately i have been eating a lot of rye bread with Philadelphia cheese spread and chive.


#2 Tie up Loose Ends


My friend Nima, who is always really busy made up her mind to spend an hour every evening answering all her emails and messages. I think that is a really good thing to do, because then you don't get an information overload when stuff piles up for days! And also when you fall asleep you don't suddenly remember what you forgot to do!#3 Light some candles and read a book

Weather it is academic reading for school, or just a nice book you have been meaning to read for ever, it is better then watching series or a movie on Netflix. This also brings me on to the next point:

#4 Disconnect


Before falling asleep make sure to spend at least an hour without any electronic devices. It is really importnat to let your brain rest, and since it is natural to wake up and automatically read new emails and check Instagram it is vital to have a bit of electronic device free time before you fall asleep so your brain can properly rest.

#5 Sleep Well and Think Positively 


Always fall asleep in your bed, not on the sofa watching TV! And think of something that made you happy that day, or that you think you did well- just throw yourself a little compliment!