Missing Home


Here are a few pictures from my hometown in the Czech Republic. I took these pictures when we were leaving a restaurant in the evening and the light was just so good! I actually took them without a stativ- in that time I didn't know much about camera equipment. I come from České Budějovice, which is in South Bohemia, kinda close to the German and Austrian boarder. It's a pretty small town with only around 100.000 people living there, so coming to Copenhagen was really exciting haha.

Sometimes it is a little sad being so far away from my family, even though I love Copenhagen and my life here. My brother is almost 18 now!! Which means he will have a drivers license soon, that I find totally insane, because I vividly remember when I was his age and learning how to drive. I think my mom and dad must be freaking out that he will be all grown up now! This semester I don't have time to go to the Czech Republic so I guess I will go there for my birthday in September! Excited about that!

At the moment I am slightly hungover after yesterday, a few of the guys from our class were going out to celebrate my friend Djanour's birthday, at which I think we really succeeded haha. We had a pre-party at my place and then went out into the city. I got home after 5:30 and I dropped my McDonald's on the ground while getting out of an Uber, which was not the nicest feeling. But at least it saved me from eating all that junk food haha. Anyway, wishing everyone a nice weekend! xx