Quick Lunch Idea


This is once of my favorite recipes to make- Tad and I came up with this some time ago, when we really didn't know what to make for dinner. It is a really easy and quick recipe to make, It takes maybe 15 minutes- thus a perfect quick lunch!

Ingredients: - Pasta - Cream 38% fat - Chilli - Bacon - Mushrooms - Parmesan Cheese

First start cooking the pasta, then you heat up a pan and put in the bacon and chilli let the bacon get all the juice out, then throw in the mushrooms. Make sure to fry the mushrooms so they are a little crispy! Then add cream and let it boil for a little bit so that the cream becomes a little less watery! Then add parmesan cheese to the mix and throw in the pasta and mix all of it together. Serve with a bit of fresh parmesan and basil on top! Bon appétit.