A Parisian Must!

As you would say "comme les parisiens" which means like the people in Paris, or in this case as the people in Paris do: you have got to go to Merci, a shopping centre in le Marais. Hidden in a cute courtyard of the main street, tt is seriously one of the coolest places I have seen in Paris. 1) there is a bunch of cool stationary, which I looove- seriously the way to my heart is with a cool paper set or pen haha 2) interior: insane amount of cool chairs, tables, lamps.... 3) coffee table books 4) the clothes... I could go on and on and on.... There are so many cool things to find- also there is a super cool book cafΓ©, where you can have a snack and coffee. As I metioned in the previous post we had this insane lemonade, that was so strong but insanely good haha. I think it is a really nice place to go even if you don't buy anything- to be honest traveling with a small suitcase can be challenging at times. I usually buy way too many things and can't fit my stuff on the way back and then I have like 4 extra bags haha. Anyway, if you go to Paris be sure you go to Merci! I think it is as important as going to Colette!