Tired & sore but still going strong

Needless to say that hotel beds are usually not as comfortable as the ones we have at home. So waking up to a sore neck or something is pretty standard. Now imagine that you have been walking 20km/per day and your feet are also sore. So pretty much this morning was extremely painful, unfortunately Tad was doing a lot worse than I did, so it was a really slow start to the day! Nontheless we managed to walk another 20k haha. We went to see the Eiffel Tower, Champs- Élysées where we got some food( I got a salad Niçoise and it had rice in it- strange), the Louvre, Colette, le Grand Palais, where we saw maybe 100 photographers waiting for people to come from a show we stopped by Kusmi Tea and bought two packs( wanted to get it for a really long time). Also the weather was perfect until the sun went down- absolutely amazing day! I am so tired though, so can't write more- off to dinner now! Talk tomorrow xx.