Interior Heaven

Total apartment crush! Went to theEllos Showroom today with Sandra and Bee to film a video and I fell in love. Seriously, if I could I would move into that place right away! The details are totally perfect and even though it is extremely colourful I was so impressed by the feel of the place ( I am more a black and white kinda person haha). I am really excited, because in a few weeks I will be redecorating my apartment so it was nice for inspiration to hang out in such a beautiful place. Both Bee and Sandra were a pretty sick so it was also a little funny to see them :D! I am thinking I need something in radiant blue for my apartment. I got a new vase from Kähler today, because I got a really beautiful bouquet of flowers from Nouw and I didn't have anything to put them in! Also I m extremely tired as I have been up since 6 am functioning- will go to sleep soon! Hope you guys are having a nice day!