Another busy day! Seriously this week has been insane. So many events, school, work, taking pictures... This morning I went to an event for Synoptic at the Illum rooftop, we had a really nice and delicious brunch and got to try on so many nice sunglasses! I also got to choose a pair for myself ( coming soon). After that I went to an event for Delilah cosmetics, which was really educational. The founder of Delilah had a really nice presentaiton about their products and also used a model to demonstrate how they work! Then I met up with my friend at Original Coffee to discuss a photoshoot we will be doing for her brand Moons and Junes ( I am so excited about that). Now I am at home to grab a quick lunch and then I am off to Munthe to take pictures at their event with Bee! I miss the days I could only stay in bed and watch Netflix haha! But this is also exciting! Have a lovely day guys!