Delilah Cosmetics

As I mentioned yesterday I went to a really nice event for Delilah cosmetics. It was especially great, since the whole event was in english so I understood 100% haha. Delilah was founded 18months ago, by make-up artists who have been in the industry for over 20 years and they wanted to develop a boutique British brand, as there are not many of them. We also got a few products to take home, my favourite of them is the"Under Wear" which prepares the skin for make-up and helps with the application and makes it last longer. I really like the feel of it on my skin, it is really fresh and soft! So I can recommend it for sure! I am also a big fan of their lipsticks and brushes the oneHERE is insanely beautiful! I think the cool thing about them, is that since they are so new they have a really limited and though thru product line, so you don't get overwhelmed when you see it! And the products come in nice elegant packaging, which when you touch is really cold- thats really nice! Whenever I go to MAC to search for something I get confused with all the shades and hues haha. So yep, just a little Friday tip! I am having a cozy evening with Netflix and Gilmore Girls, really busy week so I need some down time now!