New Desk: String Furniture

Yay I finally found a desk for our room! There has been a lot of decision making in the past few months concerning our apartment. As I wrote HERE we wanted to have the apartment all to ourselves with my boyfriend, however it turns out I will hopefully spend 6 months in Stockholm for my master, so we decided to keep having a friend living with us until then! HOWEVER we decided to redecorate the place... slowly haha! And in the next weeks we will be changing around our room, first we are getting new closets from IKEA and then a new desk and a dining table. I can't even express how excited I am about all of this! Anyway, today we spend all day walking around and searching for a desk and we finally found it! they did not have it on stock, but I will go get it on Monday. Here it is!! You can look at String furniture's website HERE.