Crazy Ikea Day

Sooo we finally got our new closets. However it ended up taking 6 people and 8 hours to complete the task of assembling them haha i think we finished at 1am- all extremely tired. By brother finally arrived yesterday morning so we went to Ikea to buy everything and then had to build it. Tomorrow I have another exam so not feeling too good. But over easter I will be working on the apartment again and then share some more pics :) Yesterday we had to move everything from my room into the living room- it looked like a labyrinth and the cats were super excited about running around and jumping on things. I did not realise I had so many things! Also I went to Fugu with Bee for cocktails- such a nice place, will definitely go back there soon, they make everything home made and the atmosphere is really chill! Anyway, have a nice Sunday guys!