Photogenic Food

These are my three favourite types of food- avocado toast, burgers and pizza! When I have time in the morning I make avocado with egg and bacon toast. What you need is: 2 eggs, bacon, rye bread, butter, 1 avocado, tomatoes, salt and pepper. I also put sweet paprika on top of my sunny side eggs- it makes them taste a bit nicer! This is seriously my favourite breakfast!

When making burgers we started making caramelised onion to put in the burger, it adds a little something to the overall taste. Otherwise I am very conservative with burgers, I like them with mayo, tomatoes, salad, meat, cheddar and bacon. I will make a burger guide to Copenhagen! I live close to KΓΈdbyen, so there are maybe 5 different burger places around- love it.

Last but not least- gourmet pizza from MadEnItaly at Copenhagen Street Food. Eva, who is the lovely person in charge of the whole concept is absolutely amazing at making interesting combinations for the pizza. I am always so amazed at the cool pizza flavours she has! Hope this is a bit inspirational for a nice Sunday dinner!