Hey guys! I need to share this with you, I found the best mouth wash, toothpaste and gum in the world. As you can see HERE I went to a SB12 event a few weeks ago, where we got samples of all their products and I have been testing them since, and got some more now- I seriously love it! I use these things every day and it feels so fresh haha! No but seriously, if you are struggling with finding a mouthwash that has a nice taste but works well this is most deffinitely someting for you! Their products work for 12 hours, which I can't totally confirm, as during 12 hours I usually drink and eat, but in the morning after using them it is actually quite nice! I also got my boyfriend and roommate to test it and they really like it as well so it is not only my feeling! The mouthwash comes in a small size as well, so it is perfect to take with in a bag or purse! I am seriously addicted haha! #sponsored