The way we do Easter Lunch

On Tursday we had an amazing easter lunch at Kronborg, which is a Danish restaurant in the Copenhagen city centre.Bee, Terese, Christina and I met up around 2 and we left around 5:30, so we were eating for 3 hours haha! The food was so good but there was so much of it! I was saying I think that these types of things are for old danish men, who can eat so much! Not girls haha! Next time I go I will deffinitelly eat a lot less than I did this time- even though it will be hard because the food is just so so so good! Walther, who is the owner was so kind to explain the whole concept of easter lunch to me and Bee, as we haven't experienced one before this. He also introduced us the drink Aquavit, a snaps, that is insanely stong- and we tried like 10 different flavors so we were pretty drunk by the end of it! The menu was as follows: 4 fish courses ( herring with ramson cream, salmon cured with herbs and lime, pan friend filet of flat fish, freshly boiled cor roe with shrimp) 3 meat dishes ( roast beef of lamb, roast pork with red cabbage, tartelette with chicken and asparagus) and it ended up with a cheese plate- so good! It was such a nice experience and I am so happy we tried this- even though Bee is vegetarian so she couldn't eat everything. I can really recommend this!