Lovely Copenhagen

Today is my brother's last day in Copenhagen. He was visiting me for two weeks in his easter break at school. It was really nice having him here! Yesterday we finally had a day that we could spend together in the city ( before I had exams and then during easter everything was closed). We went to the matcha bar, walked down strøget to nyhavn, where we had a little break at the Union Kitchen ( with truffle fries- I love truffle fries!!) and then we went to Torvehallerne to meet Bee. The day started out with really nice weather but then it got really cold and super windy so we were totally frozen when we got home. Anyway, Jan is leaving tonight so I am really sad! But I am sure he will come visit me in the summer so it's ok! So have a lovely day everyone! I am off to wake my baby brother up haha.