Lobster Dinner

Yesterday I went to the Corrallo Lobster Bar on the Illum rooftop with Simone for a really nice dinner and to take some pictures for Mad About Copenhagen. The place is amazing- it is styled to look very fishermen like with a lot of red and blue stripes everywhere. The food is - of course- mainly made with lobster, so we had a really nice selection to choose from. First we started off with lobster rolls and lobster linguine and then we had surf and turf sliders, which were probably my favourite out of all, but everything was so good! The whole thing was paired with really nice wine and the overall experience was nice and chill! I can really recommend it for a nice dinner- it is definitely not the last time I was there! Tonight I am going to Rose's place for dinner to celebrate her blog turning one year and a belated birthday! I am very excited about it- it will be good to see all the girls again! Have a nice weekend!