Back At it

Wow I can't even believe the week I have had. So much work done! I was working on an exam since last Wednesday and I FINALLY handed it in. It feels good to hand something in, but also a little stressful! I get really anxious when I hand things in haha. But anyway, this weekend I was doing a shoot for Moons and Junes, where I met so many interesting and fun girls! It was however a little exhausting, as I woke up really early and had to go to school and work on my exam after the shoots. Thankfully CBS has 24/7 facilities available for students. On Thursday I am flying down to Dublin to meet my dad and some of our friends from the states. Then I am coming back to Copenhagen to finish my oral exam and then on Friday next week I am flying to Helsinki with Sandra. So yeah a really busy few weeks! Excited for it, but also excited for them to be over!