Pancake Morning & Recipe

Exam submitted which deserves a really nice breakfast. Tad made us pancakes with raspberry purée and home made whipped cream. So yummy. We are going into the city soon to get some shopping done and also need to get some groceries because we are making fajitas for some friends! Afterwards going to a pub to watch football- I actually never watch football, but all my friends are excited about it so I will tag along! Well anyway, here is the recipe for the pancakes:



2 tbs sugar

1 tbs vanilla sugar

10 tbs four

0,3l milk

1 tbs butter

lemon zest

First mix all the dry things together, then add eggs and milk. Take the butter and heat it up on a an until brown and then you add it to the mix. Make sure to mix all of it together really well so you don't have pieces of flour. The consistency should be aprox. the same as cream, if it is too thick add milk, if it is not thick enough add four. Then add the batter on a pan and by tilting it make sure it is all over the pan. The pancakes should be really thin. Enjoy! BTW can you spot Minii trying to get a bite of our food?