Dublin Night Life

Yesterday afternoon I finally arrived in Dublin. First my dad and I met one of our Irish partners for a quick meeting and then we took a taxi to our hotel. I have been to Dublin once before, but I was 13 so I don't really have any memories of the city. I was a little amused when I saw that my dad booked a hotel, which is in the middle of the biggest party district in Dublin, called Temple Bar. We were asking our taxi driver if there are any good bars around our hotel and he was just laughing. After we got settled in we went to get some dinner to San Lorenzo's - an Italian restaurant we just bumped into. I must say that Dublin is such a nice city! There were so many people outside, drinking beer and hanging out- I might consider traveling here more often haha! We are off to breakfast now and then we are meeting some of our friends who came to Dublin from New York!